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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best way of photographing my subject matter?

A. We recommend using your latest Iphone or Android phone for the best pictures or if you have a digital camera with a high resolution setting. Also best pictures are when the sun is at your back.

Q. Can I submit my own design for printing?

A. Yes you can but we can only accept a PDF as a final file for submission for your job. In preparing a pdf some design points to be aware of:

PDF’s must be uploaded as a single PDF for each product

Add crop marks

1/8”  bleeds of color or photos extending outside of postcard size and 1/4” within the final postcard size for copy

Color converted to process colors (CMYK)

Images and illustrations should be tiff or eps files for best color and sharpness

Embed all fonts

Page orientation set up (Front and back of postcards need to be on their own separate pages and oriented the same way)

Q. Do you guarantee exact color for files submitted for jobs?

A. We make every effort to come as close as possible. Keep in mind monitors and calibrations and printers are all different and can complicate visual perception along with light (natural vs. artificial). Also we perform gang run printing and do not guarantee critical color matching.

When submitting a predesign for a proof how many revisions can I see before accepting final layout?

We would accept 2 revisions if needed unless we make a mistake.

What data software do you accept for addressing direct mailing postcards?

We only accept Excel files.

Q. How many postcards would I have to order if my data address file is 512 to be mailed?

A. For us to process your order you would have to order the next quantity up from 500 to 1000. During the set up stage of printing your variable data there will be some spoilage. We recommend a minimum of 100 pieces for set up and spoilage. If you are placing a printing order that is within 100 pieces of your mailing list we will make every effort to keep the spoilage to a minimum, however we cannot guarantee that your entire list will be mailed.

Q. What about the extra postcards from the mailing that weren’t used?

A. Any extra postcards will be shipped back to you at no charge without any variable data on them.

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